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Imagine this...

Your child's birthday party. Guests are arriving in 15 minutes. Everything is ready, you just need to get changed. 

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and you know its those friends who are always that little bit early....

That's it. Game time. More and more guests arrive and before you know it, the party is underway. 

Then just as quick as they arrived, the guests have departed, scraps of wrapping paper all over the house and you realise.... you didn't take any photos. 

That was my boy's first birthday party. I have ONE photo of our family on the day, and its horrible. From that day on, I promised myself (and my friends) that I would never miss capturing a moment at our kid's birthday parties. 

So, welcome to Anna Primer Photography. I can attend your party, take candid snaps of the guest of honour and the festivities, and then provide you with high quality images (that same day!) for your socials and beyond. 

Touch base to talk availability. 

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